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V1.0.2 Now Available (for Legacy)

The “Living Large” Update version is coming soon.

Follow our progress on the FCStudios Discord in the AlterraHub Version 2 Updates Channel 

Retrieve items stored in a base across the world, play your own videos on an Alterra Television, wirelessly transfer energy, automate ore collection and production, and so much more you’ll need relax at the Peeper Lounge where you can enjoy some celebrity branded snacks and drinks from Z1 Gaming, MonikaCinnyRoll, and MrSpicyGaming.

About Our Mods

Subnautica is an open-world survival action-adventure video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Players are free to explore the ocean on the alien planet 4546B. Our mods for the game are designed to fit the look and feel of the game while adding additional features such as machines and actions that enhance your stay on planet 4546B.

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All mods can be found here by clicking the button below. Get information about each mod and find help for the questions and issue your experiencing.


Join the Community on Discord where you can talk to fellow users, peruse numerous FAQs, and keep tabs on any known issues or beta-fixes.

Please read the Welcome Message fully to join the conversation.

Happy Survivors

There are game modders, and then there are exceptional modders. Modders that go the extra distance to create something really special. That’s what you get with Field Creator Studios. You get that extra effort with their amazing custom designs and features. You get the consistent bug fixes and improvements that you sometimes lose with the typical modder. So if you’ve been playing Subnautica, try the Field Creator Studio mods for a major game overhaul.

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FCS mods singe handedly make base building so much more fun and engaging! Turn your habitat into your real base of operations!

-Monika CinnyRoll

Twitch Streamer

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