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Alterra Hub



  • Repairable Wreck of the Alterra Fabrication Facility
  • FCStudios PDA
  • Product Encyclopedia
  • Alterra Ore Consumer
  • Alterra Transport Drone Terminal
  • Alterra Hub Depot

The Alterra Hub Fabricator Facility survived the crash of the Aurora, giving you access to its wealth of blueprints, goods, and services.

Once online, use the FCStudios PDA to tell the Alterra Hub Fabricator Facility what you desire and it will be fabricated and delivered to you via Alterra Transport Drone — if you have enough Alterra Credit. If not, simply toss your excess ores into an Alterra Ore Consumer and reap a reward for collection and hauling of local materials already owned by the Alterra Corporation.

“Alterra Credit? In a survival situation?!” Alas, the Alterra Hub cannot reach the Alterra Network so it can only grant you a temporary account but no need to fear, you can still pay off your debts to Alterra Corp!

Plus, you will never be stymied by missing that one psychedelic hamster eyelash your survival blueprint requires or because your Microwaved Molted MegaMouse got moldy. With Alterra Hub, you will never fear dying for want of a hunk of molybdenum while floating on an ocean of mercury.

Alterra Hub: converting the ores you don’t need into the things you do.

Alterra Hub PDA

The latest in integrated technology from FCStudios, offering easy access to your Alterra Account, Shopping and Entertainment, and the all important Product Encyclopedia, where you can learn about all available products and how to use them.

The Alterra Hub / FCStudios PDA is accessed by pressing F2.

Alterra Transport Drone Terminal

Provides the Alterra Transport Drone a cozy, environmentally secure place to transfer purchased and returned items, pick up any processed ores, and perform any needed self-maintenance.

Alterra Ore Consumer

The Alterra Ore Consumer is a fully automated ore processor that provides necessary local materials to an Alterra Hub Fabrication Facility.

Earn AlterraCredit for your Local Alterra Account by collecting and hauling local ores and placing them in the Alterra Ore Consumer.

Alterra Hub Depot

The Alterra Hub Depot securely holds up to 48 items transferred from an Alterra Transport Drone. It is recommended to install all Depots in the same part of the base.

Note that a fully loaded Alterra Transport Drone can carry 80 items and will not launch if your base does not have enough Depot capacity.