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Energy Solutions



  • AlterraGen
  • Solar Cluster
  • Biofuel
  • Jet Stream
  • Power Storage
  • Telepower Pylon
  • Universal Charger
  • Wind Surfer Platforms and Wind Turbines

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This Catalog brings contains machines for the Production, Storage, and Transmission of Energy.

Gather Energy from the environment (turbines, solar, bio reactors) or use Alterra’s concentrated Bio Fuel, store it for the base with PowerStorage or in batteries and power-cells with the Universal Charger, and send it where it’s needed by creating a global distribution web with the Alterra Telepower Pylon.

Stake your claim on a bit of ocean with the Alterra Wind Surfer and built up to 15 open air platforms or floating turbines that can send energy to any receiving Telepower Pylon.

Alterra Gen

Smaller and more flexible than its larger predecessors, several Alterra Gen units may be comfortably fit into a single Multi-Purpose Habitat Module. They are also suitable for exterior use, giving you maximum design flexibility and reducing the required interior space….

JetStream T242

The JetStream T242 is an aquatic turbine. Like all turbine generators, the energy produced is related to the current flow. Expect energy output to vary in different areas and to fluctuate if your environment has variable currents. The T242 will sense and adapt to changes in current direction, maximizing current flow.

Universal Charger

The practical answer to your mobile power needs, holding 10 Power Cells or 10 Batteries at a time and recharging them when Base Power is plentiful.

Power Storage

Fully automatic and self-monitoring, the PowerStorage unit is able to store a whopping 10,000 units of energy an external housing unit. The unit charges when power is plentiful and discharges when the base grid is under extreme load.

Alterra Solar Cluster

Accurately tracking the position of the strongest light source, the Solar Cluster power throughput is equivalent to 13 standard, optimally placed solar panels.

Alterra Telepower Pylon

The Alterra Telepower Pylon is able to create, dismantle, and recreate power delivery networks in seconds while delivering power over vast distances and through nearly any material.


High-quality, compressed biological material in an easy to carry, stylish container. Suitable for all bioreactors and available at your fingertips from the AlterraHub.

What’s it made of? Don’t even think about it: just throw the entire container in the bioreactor. No mess, no smell, no hassle.

 …and, seriously, don’t worry (it’s nobody you knew)

Wind Surfer

System of floating platforms with optional wind turbines for power generation.

Consists of single Operator module and up to 15 Platform or Turbine Platform modules, connected together in a user-defined layout.

Broadcasts power via an integrated Telepower Pylon.