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Home Solutions



  • Paint Gun
  • Automated Peeper Lounge
  • Shelves, Cabinets, Tables
  • Window Curtain
  • Decorative Items
  • Seabreeze Refrigerator
  • Elevator
  • Quantum Teleporter
  • Crew Bunk Bed
  • Curing Cabinet, Stove, Microwave
  • Playable Televisions
  • And so much more…

Current Version:


This Catalog brings you all the little things — and big things — to make your base a safe and productive Home.

Pay special attention to the Alterra Paint Tool for adding some style to your base. Play your own videos on the Alterra Televisions and add your own graphics to the Curtains, Hologram Posters, and Rugs.

Quickly move yourself from base to base with the Quantum Teleporter or take your vehicle with you to a Vehicle Platform.

Create an unique lighting experience with Neon Shelves and Tables or various LED Lights. Combine with Shelves, Sofas, and Cabinets to make your base more cozy.

You won’t need to answer Nature’s Call outside anymore with the Alterra Toilet. Be sure to use the Alterrs Sink to wash your hands or just hop in the Alterra Shower — be sure to turn the water off when you’re done.

Enjoy celebrity branded snacks and drinks from Z1 Gaming, MonikaCinnyRoll, and MrSpicyGaming at the Peeper Lounge.

And when you’re tired, finish the day off in a comfy Crew Bunk Bed.

Explore the full range of what’s available in the PDA Encyclopedia — this page just scratches the surface of what this catalog brings.

Paint Tool

The Alterra Paint Tool is the latest in SmartPigment applicators for AlterraHub Products, effortlessly delivering a perfect coat every single time. No masking needed, never a worry about overspray, simply select your desired SmartPigmenet Color Palette, your desired object, pull the trigger and enjoy.


Reject the Spartan with these delightful furnishing options. This catalog offers 7 choices of Shelves, 4 choices of Cabinets, 3 choices of Sofas, 5 choices of Neon Shelves and Tables, customizable Hologram Poster and window Curtain, a stylish Crew Locker, the Alterra Local Computing suite comprising a monitor and case, and the always-in-style Neon Planter.

Food & Water

Make thirst a thing of the past with the Mini Filter & Fountain (for use above the waterline, see Life Support > Base Utility Unit).

Banish hunger with the Seabreeze refrigeration unit and the Alterra Culinary Retrospective collection (Curing Cabinet, Microwave, Stove)


Cozy up to an Alterra Television (shelf and wall mounted versions available) and play your own, custom videos.

Or take a break in the legendary Peeper Lounge courtesy of Alterra omniLounge technology. Pull up a stool, throw a few fish in the provided tank, fill your belly and delight your tongue with a variety of snack and beverage selections, and pour you heart out to the lounge’s AI, who’s always happy to see you.

Safety & Sustainability

You’ll be around for a long time with these safety devices. Two varieties of LED lighting for your indoor and outdoor needs, a Hatch Stairway to get you safely from a hatch to the ground.

Enhance your indoor safety even more with well-placed Fire Extinguisher Refuelers and Exterior Railing to so you don’t fall off a platform. Two types of signs (wall mounted and stand mounted) will warn you of dangers and keep you from getting lost.

Never feel guilty throwing something away in a conveniently located Trash Receptacle. They hand off those left-overs to the Alterra Recycler, where you can pick up those materials for reuse.


Place an Elevator where you need some vertical assist. Works well above and below the waterline for a height 200m above the Elevator base. Program in floors at convenient heights.

In a hurry and have some excess power on your hands? The Quantum Teleporter has you covered, whether you need to travel from on side of your base to another or to another base entirely.