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Life Support Solutions



  • Base Oxygen Tank
  • Base Utility Unit
  • Energy Pill Vending Machine
  • Mini MedBay

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This Catalog brings you devices to keep you alive in hostile environments, supplying Oxygen, Water, Medical Attention, and other tools to help you manage any crisis.

Please pay special attention as some products require configuration for optimal operation for your playstyle.

Nota Bene: To get the most out of the Base Oxygen Tank and Base Utility Unit, you will need to tell the game not to produce vanilla-game oxygen when a base is powered. From the main menu select Options > Mods > FCS Life Support Solutions Menu and Check-to-Enable “Require Utility Unit for Oxygen”. 

Base Oxygen Tank

The Alterra Base Oxygen Tank is a time-tested design that still sees service everywhere there isn’t air. No fancy technology, no routine maintenance, it just filters and pressurizes a limited amount of surface air to supply your Habitat. Requires floating air pump and tubing.
Depending on the number and type of modules, more than one Base Oxygen Tank may be required.

Base Utility Unit

The Alterra Base Utility Unit is the ultimate advancement in self-sustaining Habitat Support, performing many small service functions to ensure optimal equipment performance and longevity. Built with Alterra RunSafe self-repair technology, it even looks after itself.

Provides a robust amount of air sufficient for any size base and can send pressurized water through the base, allowing the Alterra Mini Filter & Fountain to work above the waterline.


Mini Med Bay

The Alterra Mini Med Bay is the only real choice when you’re stranded alone and in need of emergency care. Offers real-time medical assistance when you’re injured and will manufacture and store up to 6 First-aid Kits.

Energy Pill Vending Machine

When you’re hungry or thirsty, your body just doesn’t have what it needs to operate at peak efficiency, and being slow or lethargic is no way to survive. 

Just a quick nibble on an Alterra Energy Pill and you’ll be back ready for anything.

Comes in three strengths.