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Storage Solutions



  • Remote Storage
  • S23 (small) and C48 (large) Terminals
  • Server Racks for Wall and Floor
  • Antenna for base-to-base connection
  • Data Disk
  • Transceiver for inter-device automation

Current Version:


This Catalog brings you the Storage Solutions family of interconnected devices and the backbone connectivity to devices in the Production Catalog and Energy Catalog.

With Alterra Storage Solutions you can create Local and Global Data Storage Networks that simplify storing, finding, and retrieving items at your base, or a base across the world.

Use a Remote Storage Unit to store things outside or to ease congestion at a Deep Driller Site.

Plug in a Transceiver to use your C48 Panel to set up automated movement of items between devices.

Add in an Antenna to connect bases to one another or to any Cyclops with servers installed.

Remote Storage

Alterra Remote Storage Unit is a rugged storage platform suitable for internal or external use with space for 200 items. It can connect to multiple Autonomous Drill Platforms, such as the Deep Driller Heavy Duty (see Production > Deep Driller Heavy Duty) as well as in-range Data Storage Access Terminals.

S23 Terminal

The S23 Terminal is a small DSS Access Terminal designed for convenient placement. It gives you direct access to a single item and lets you to add items directly into the Data Storage Network.

Place one by your couch and television for easy snack refills or by an exterior hatch to quickly unload your pockets when you come in.

C48 Terminal

The wall-mounted C48 terminal is the Data Storage Network control hub for your base. With it, you can access the Data Storage Network of the cyclops and all connected bases, configure item-retrieval from vehicles when docked at a moonpool, program the transceiver to move items within the Data Storage Network for you.

Data Disk

Each Data Disk holds storage data for 48 items. Data Disks can be hot-swapped between Server Racks at any time and make an economical method of transporting a large number of items when a Habitat is not connected to the Global Network (see Storage > Antenna).

Data Disks require a Server Rack (see Storage > Server Racks)


The Alterra Transceiver is a Data Storage Network utility extension component, allowing compatible devices to request items from the Data Storage Local Network.

Transceivers are placed in a Server Rack (see Storage > Server Racks) and are programmed with the Alterra C48 Terminal (see Data Storage > C48 Terminal).

Server Racks

Two Alterra Server Racks are available.

A Wall-Mounted Rack with room for 6 Data Disks (total storage: 288 items) and a Floor Rack with room for 20 Data Disks (total storage: 960 items).


With an Alterra Antenna constructed on a base platform (or habitat module if you’re into that), the Data Storage Network on your base is connected into the Global Network, consisting of other antenna-enabled bases and each Cyclops.